Client Service Principles

The Gorski Firm is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with the services we provide.  We believe that clients value legal counsel that is accessible, responsive, communicative, practical, valuable, professional, and fair.  Our Client Service Principles are are aimed at providing exceptional service to each client.

The standards that we strive to meet daily are as follows:

We Are Accessible
We believe in providing prompt and proactive services to each client.  We continually invest in technology to remain readily accessible.  We utilize a computerized law library and an advanced telecommunications system to stay connected and accessible.

We Are Responsive

We appreciate the importance of responsive service.  We return phone calls, voice-mails, e-mail messages, and acknowledge receipt of letters quickly and promptly with an eye toward each client's needs and expectations.  We are prepared to meet your legal needs efficiently and in a timely manner, even in emergency situations.  We will help you resolve your legal issues quickly and effectively, and will strive to identify and address potential issues before they become a problem.

We Are Communicative
We understand the importance of listening to our clients to understand their point of view and expectations.  We clearly and concisely communicate with our clients, opposing counsel, and the courts.  We keep our clients informed of their case status on a timely basis.

We Provide Practical Advice
We learn about and understand your needs and goals to form a long-term attorney-client relationship.  We realize that you expect practical advice to reach your objectives.  The time we spend understanding you enables us to provide realistic alternatives and workable solutions to help materialize your goals.

We Provide Outstanding Value
We recognize that the cost of legal services is an important consideration for our clients, and we strive to provide outstanding value.  We embrace technology and develop strategies that allow us to operate in the most cost-effective way to provide the highest value for our clients.

We Are Professional
We exhibit professionalism in every matter by maintaining a positive demeanor, following all ethical codes of the profession, and protecting client confidences.

We Are Fair
We understand that flexible attorney-client fee arrangements and controlling costs are part of the relationship between a law firm and its client.  We will tailor our services to meet your financial needs.  We carefully review every fee statement prior to posting to ensure the accuracy of the information and the fairness of the charges.